Liberty Hall



Since 2006, Liberty Hall has been hosting an annual educational programme called Sankofa for secondary and tertiary students during Black History Month. Attendees are not charged for attending or participating. The event offers information and opportunities for discussion on African and Diaspora history that they normally would not learn in the classroom. Some of the themes previously covered include Decolonisation in West Africa: Nigeria and GhanaApartheid and Post Apartheid in South Africa, and The 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion.  The event has been extremely successful as it allows students in Jamaica to get a better understanding of the events surrounding the selected topic which forms part of their History Syllabus.

Annual Marcus Mosiah Garvey Lecture (AMMGL)

The Annual Marcus Mosiah Garvey Lecture is a scholarly forum hosted by Liberty Hall, to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of renowned Pan Africanist and Jamaica’s first National hero, Marcus Mosiah Garvey. This event was initiated by the late Dr Donna McFarlane OD (former Director/Curator) in 2010 to provide scholars, Pan-Africanists, and members of the public with a space to engage in conversations about Blackness, Garveyism, and Pan-Africanism. In previous years, topics explored include: Marcus Garvey and the Fallen AngelEducation for Liberation – The Role of Museum, and Garvey as Literary Muse, and ‘We Build Forever: The Legacies of Garveyite Women’.